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Accuracy detection of deep hole drilling and boring machine

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2018/08/03 14:37
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The working principle of deep hole drilling and boring machine is: during normal processing, as the drilling depth...

The working principle of deep hole drilling and boring machine is: during normal processing, as the drilling depth increases, the drilling torque of the drilling tool remains basically unchanged, and the motor power remains basically unchanged. When the tool is damaged, the cutting torque increases and the motor current increases. The PLC analog input module detects the analog signal as a digital signal, compares the PLC function with the set value, and determines whether the tool is damaged. Using the analog output port of the speed control device, the detected current signal is converted into a 0 ~ 10V voltage signal and output to the analog input module of the PLC, A / D analog-to-digital conversion, and then compared with the set value. The set value is selected by the operator through the segment switch according to parameters such as workpiece material, tool, and processing parameters.


Deep hole drilling and boring machine When the detection value exceeds 20% of the set value, determine the torque overload, that is, tool damage, PLC alarm, stop processing, tool replacement, use more and more deep hole drilling machines, if long, deep processing a large number of commonly used deep Hole drilling machine. For deep hole drilling machine manufacturers can reach a depth of 500mm. However, the traditional machining methods still have certain limitations in machining accuracy. In fact, deep hole drilling machines can also improve the processing efficiency of deep hole drilling machines as long as the processing proceeds smoothly. Different discharge methods are used to process different holes. For deep holes with deep hole discharges, micropores have micropore discharges. It can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy, but also reduce the processing difficulty. Of course, the processing of deep-hole drilling machine cleaning site, monitoring should be handled at any time. If the discharge is unstable, continuous cleaning work is needed, if there are remaining chips to be cleaned.


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